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What our clients say


Our mission is to help our clients reach their health and fitness goals.  We invite you to read what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

"About 1 year ago I was referred to Jochen and Fitness Solutions by my chiropractor. Since I play a lot of golf, my chiropractor thought Fitness Solutions would be the right fit for me for improving physically for my sport.


After a couple of sessions with Jochen I began working with Daniel and a little less than a year later, it's been all positive. Daniel has introduced me to a number of new exercises for both strength and mobility that have helped me tremendously. As somebody who has been active and exercised all his life, many of the exercises and movements Daniel had for me, were ones I hadn't done before. There isn't any doubt I'm better off for it.


I would highly recommend Daniel and Fitness Solutions to anybody who is interested in improving their body's strength and mobility, and/or specific training for ANY sport they may be involved in."

Rick S.

Minneapolis, MN

"Jochen is extremely knowledgeable and has created a program perfect for my age and goal." (Achieved goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro after training for eight months.)

Kathy D.

Minnetonka, MN

"Attentive, insightful, careful, and so attuned to the client! Jochen has been a huge influence in my life."

Louise T.

Orono, MN

"Jochen is a great personal trainer and I highly recommend him. He has helped me deal with several physical concerns I'd been struggling to address, and am fortunate I was referred to him. His knowledge and skill with human anatomy and body mechanics are keys to his excellent exercise routines and support. My particular concerns were shoulder, hip, and knee health, and he has successfully built my confidence in him while helping me build greater stability and alignment that I needed. Finally, Jochen is a pleasure to work with as he has always been upbeat, supportive, and a good communicator. Thank you, Jochen, for all of your help, professionalism, friendship, and encouragement!"(trained to get in shape before knee replacement surgery)

Scott E.

St. Paul, MN

"Over two years ago, I was introduced to Jochen Scherr at Fitness Solutions, The Movement Experts.  Prior to giving Jochen’s ‘fitness solutions’ a try, I had been working out on my own and felt that I could achieve the building and toning of my body through my own workout regimen. I was skeptical at first; why would I hire someone to tell me what I needed to do?


Over time, what I found is that, absent a schooled approach to strengthening my core, I would never have achieved the core strength, and toning I was pursuing. The difference I have seen in my strength, toning, and overall feeling of well-being has been remarkable. Jochen Scherr and his associate, Daniel Johnson, have the education, accreditations, and the training experience to personalize and customize your fitness solution. They did it for me and they can do it for you!"    John Fox, Age 65

John Fox

Orono, MN

"I have been training with Jochen Scherr for over five years, and his insights and expertise never cease to amaze me. He knows his trade extremely well, and finds tailored solutions for any problem or challenge."

Jan-Lodewijk G.

Marine on St. Croix, MN

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"Jochen has changed my life in a very positive manner. Thanks to his impressive knowledge and experience Jochen has broadened my horizon tremendously. Jochen is extremely passionate with his clients - he does only want the best for you - I am very much thankful that I have had the opportunity to work out with Jochen! Have fun, Markus"

Markus N.

Plymouth, MN

"Jochen has great knowledge and a keen eye. Adapts to my needs without overdoing it. He keeps it interesting with a variety of exercises and challenges me to go the extra mile. I have made significant improvements to my general constitution by training with him. I can definitely recommend him as a personal fitness trainer."

Reinhard D.

Buffalo, MN

"Jochen is very innovative and creative with his workout training. He is a great trainer and gives you ideas for training on your own time too. You should definitely try his technique."

Pat M.

Edina, MN

"I have trained with Jochen for a number of years. I love that he provides a very individualized workout program. He listens to what my goals are and sets up a program around that. He explains and demonstrates each exercise very clearly. Then he watches me and corrects my form. He can tell what I need to work on by watching the way I move and my posture. I have gained strength and endurance with his training help."

Susan S.

Minneapolis, MN

"I have been working with Jochen for 2 years. I feel strong! He is great a assessing my fitness level and adjusting the workouts to meet my goals."

Cheri Z.

Plymouth, MN

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